TOP ~ 1/1200 scale harbour 2018

Below the 2018 version is the draft of South River Quays from 2017 and an updated draft from 2019


ESTUARY Overview looking south
ESTUARY Overview looking north
South west liner berths, west container terminals
looking across from container berths
Aggregate and oil terminals – west
North west with castle and mill town (1)
North west with castle and mill town (2)
North East with historic old town and castle
East docks
waterfront P1070269
Generic waterfront under construction

Waterfont made up from Brigade Models Small Scale scenery – European city blocks

Length approximately 32″ = 3,200 feet or 975 metres.  cost buildings + trees £25 (with some trees left over!)

Update June 2019

Panorama south 1 (2)Waterfront extended by including from left to right: SSS-8107   Die Alte Stadthaus but with a chage to the tower which is SSS-8062  Temple of Vesta and some castle walls; more city blocks and the SSS-8114   Russian Orthodox Church (white building) and finaly the SSS-8100   Roman Triumphal Arch and two Roman Obelisks and a Funerary Tower. Finger Piers from left to right are Triton (bought unpained}, Triang and Triton NY4 Cunard Super Liner Pier 92, NY3 Cunard Super Liner Pier 90, NY1 Cunard Chelsea Pier 56, again all unpainted.

Panorama north 0622 (3)

To the left of above are quays and dry docks by Mountford with the addition of  Triton New York piers 7, 8 and 9, Triton quays and Hamburg Granary, all bought unpained.

south 1a P1110634

South 1c P1110638 (2)
SOUTH 1d P1110641
south 2 1d P1110571
south 3 53 1c P1110573
south 4 2 1b P1110574
south 5 1 P1110576