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Iain is a regular contributor to various ship publications:

Ships Monthly

August 2021 Vol 56 No 8, page 8  ‘ROYAL NAVY JOINS BALTOPS’   photograph HMS ALBION entering Leith.

27 July 2021 (web page) Fred Olsen’s new flagship Bolette    and DICKENS (VLCC) Hound Point

May 2021 Vol 56 No 5, pages 26 -27  ‘HMS UNICORN – the Ship that never sailed’.  Two page Article with photographs,

                                       Page 8    ‘Crude carrier debuts in Scotland’ photograph of DELOS – Euronav VLCC.

March 2021 Vol 56 No 3, page 7 ‘Targe Bought by Forth’ Photograph of Peterel.

January 2021 Vol 56 No 1, pages 42 – 47 ‘Ships and Shipping on the Firth of Forth’.  A total of eighteen photographs over the six pages plus text.

November 2020 Vol 55 No 10, page 12, ‘Olsen Veterans Leave the Fleet’.  Photograph of Rotterdam arriving.

August 2020 Vol 55 No 8, page 62, ‘What Happened to the Rosyth Link? (Letter of the Month), photograph of Finlandia Seaways.

June 2020 Vol 55 No 6, page 14, ‘Cruise Ships Lay Up in Pandemic – COVID 19.

28th March 2020 (web page) Fred. Olsen gather ships in the Forth –  

WORLD OF SHIPS No 20   Cruise Ships

Chapter 20 page 85 Seabourn Cruises, SEABOURN SOJOURN

Coastal Shipping

December 2021 Issue 162, Vol 28 No 6 Scottish News, page 296  SCOT ISLLES and SCOT VENTURE – Inverness

Page 298  FLUVIUS KENN – Forth Bridge from Rosyth


October 2021 Issue 161, Vol 28 No 5 Scottish News, page 245  MEKHANIK MARAKIN – Burntisland


 February 2020, Vol 27 No 1 Scottish News, page 37.  WILSON GRIMSBY – Leith

 Coastal Shipping International 2019 Limited Edition

The Port of Leith by Alan Dowie,  page 67, VIVTRESS  loading barley, Leith 2017

                                                        page 68, UNION GEM departing Leith 2012

 Marine News

October  2021 Vol 75 (Supplement) p S482 New Ship Retrospective –  MINERVA ALEXANDRA (Aframax tanker)     DICKENS  (VLCC tanker, Hound Point)

July 2021 Vol 75 (Supplement) page S376 Naval Occasions  HURST POINT Forth Bridge                                                             HMS ARGYLL  Forth Bridge

June 2021 Vol 75 page 339 Cruise Ship News BOREALIS as ROTTERDAM

(Supplement)  pS343 HMS ALBION at Crombie

April  2021 Vol 75 (Supplement) p S194 New Ship Retrospective INCHCOLM plus information for note;                                            p  S217 USNS WILLIAM MCLEAN off Hound Point

December   2020 Vol 74, No 12 p718  USNS MEDGAR EVERS at Crombie;                                                                                                       p 721 Bolette as Amsterdam for Rosyth.

December  2020 Vol 74 (Supplement) p522 SMN EXPLORER as RUNNER name change, see page 749

October 2020 Vol 74, No 10   p S448 SEA GULL, Supply Ship, new build.

                                                  p S474 RFA FORT VICTORIA

                                                  p S475  MCMV RAMSEY

September 2020 Vol 74, No. 9 p 570 APHRODITE, VLCC tanker Maiden Voyage

p S410 QUEENSFERRY, tug, new build

August 2020 Vol 74, No. 8 (Supplement)  p357 CRAMOND Tug, Hound Point,  name change, .

p S362, SANDSWAN, dredger,  awaiting demolition Leith,

p S397 HMS GRIMSBY (M108), Sandown Class Minehunter

July 2020 Vol 74, No. 7, p393 Anvil Point, Ro-Ro

p412 PRIDE OF BURGUNDY P&O Channel Ferry

                                        p412 PRIDE OF CANTERBURY P&O Channel Ferry

(Supplement)  p S330 BLACK WATCH and BOUDICCA, Fred Olsen Cruise Ships.


5 July 2020  Vol 21 No 53 page 20, TRANSOCEAN SEDCO 711 & 714, rig moves, photograph and information for note.

19 April 2020  Vol 21 No 31 page 6, QUEENSFERRY New build TUG, photograph and information for note.